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       We are two Minnesotans who were going to retire to Arizona when our canes started slipping on the ice. But we finally got so tired of fighting snowdrifts that we quit our jobs in Minneapolis, sold our house in Minnetonka, rented an apartment from a brochure (sight unseen), and moved to Tucson, Arizona, on November 1, 1985. Sometimes it has been a struggle, and we (or at least Bob) missed our good jobs, but we've been happy here for many years.

       In March, 1986 we moved to a house near Ina & Shannon, then in September, 1987 we moved to a house near Thornydale & Horizon Hills. There we stayed, for eight years.

       In October of 1995, we found a beautiful spot, 25 miles further out from Tucson, so we bought it, and it became our Rancho sin Nevada. (Which loosely translates to "Ranch without Snowfall".)

       We found this place by going to Marana, then 10 miles west through the cotton fields, past the creosote bushes, across the one-lane bridge and left at the "Green Acres" sign.

       It is 1-1/2 acres with trees, irrigation, a little garden with a wishing well in the center of the driveway, a screened gazebo and a ramada in back. It had an old, single-wide mobile home, which we lived in until March, 2006, when we finally traded it in for a new 3-bedroom double-wide with a FIREPLACE! (Don't laugh, we get 20's and teens at night in the winter!)

       Bob likes to pretend he knows about computers, so if you want a list of his favorite free (Windows) programs, go to Bob's Favorite Programs. Some of these handy programs were downloaded from their respective sites, and are current as of the "Last Updated" date at the bottom of the page. Others you'll have to get from the link shown.

       That's all for now, but there's a link below for pictures, and one for Spiegel Grove info (Bob's ship when he was in the Navy).

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Spiegel Grove
Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)

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