Bob's Favorite (free) Programs

These programs have been obtained from their respective owner's sites.
They will be downloaded from my website.
They work with XP and 7, but I don't know about Win 8 or 10 (They are probably the same as 7).
I'm not as agile on the computer as I once was
and I was never a hacker anyway (Although I knew some at MIT in 1969!),
so I only know some pretty simple stuff.

Comparator is an older freeware version which works fine but has one quirk...
you can't delete files in subfolders, they have to be in the "./" path to delete.
Also, it works faster when any network location is in the left pane... local on right.
Comparator V2.2 - 508KB
(Compare Directories)

The current Comparator version is shareware and is not free.
But I recommend that you go to SoftByte Labs web site at this link and get the latest version.
It is worth the price!

SoftByte Labs - Various Downloads

Program dated 3/2/01 as of "Last Updated" date below, but it's good, quick and simple (my requirements).
Gemulator Explorer V2.03 - 33.4KB
(For reading Mac discs on a PC)

These programs need to be current so
these links will connect you to their website.
Then you can download the program from there.
All of these programs have a free version for any Windows version,
but don't be fooled by a free TRIAL which will need to be paid for at some point.
(Although I have paid for these when I found out how good they worked)

I have used AVG for years and never had a virus it didn't catch.
Even though it isn't the currently best-rated program, I really like it because it is easy to set up and use.
AVG Antivirus Download Site
(Antivirus Program)

Reflect backs up any partition or your whole hard drive to an external hard drive, CD or DVD.
It is easy to use, can do scheduled backups, and can restore your backup from a rescue CD.

Macrium Reflect Download Site
(Backup for Partitions)

I really recommend this firewall.
You NEED to install a good firewall (and disable that windows thing)
and this is the best, simplest one you can get for free.
I used it for over 10 years (since I had Win 98) and I love it.

Zone Alarm Download Site

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Oct. 14, 2016